Wrap up your gratitude

blogDSCN7208My notebook of quotes often supplies me with just the right thought for my blog entry.

Today’s words of wisdom from my handy-dandy notebook:  “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a gift and not giving it.”

I’m not sure who first uttered this proverb, but it personifies my thoughts extremely well today.  Here’s a peek at what is inside my gift of gratitude on this day.

Yesterday was a gloriously sunny day with temperatures in the mid to high 60’s; the sun graced us with its presence, which made a lovely Indian summer kind of day.  The weather was perfect for our non-profit’s fund-raising event, for which I am so grateful.

We held both a luncheon and banquet at a golf club in our area, which is located at the summit of a hill.  The view from there is so lovely.  Enjoying the mild weather was a gracious gift because one year very cold, windy, icy weather prevented some guests from attending our event and also threatened our safety as several attendees skidded off the long, downhill drive from the venue.  No mishaps like that this year, thank goodness.

I am also thankful that our event was well-attended (20 tables of eight people) at the luncheon and 47 tables at the dinner).  The entire day was tiring for those of us on staff, yet  delightful at the same time.

Our guest speaker brought smiles to our faces and laughter to our hearts, yet reminded our guests how vital our work is and that we cannot continue our life-saving endeavors without their investment.   For him and his service, I am grateful.  And I howled at his jokes too, so I’m thankful for how laughter makes our hearts merry.

I’m appreciative of those who shared their talents, whether it was singing, decorating, running the sound equipment, or emceeing, and their time to help us promote our cause.  I’m grateful to our Almighty God who brought a troubled client to our door, equipped us to save her life, her sanity, and lead her to salvation, and planted the desire and courage in her heart to share her testimony in person with our guests.

My heart is filled with gladness for the opportunity to visit with friends old and new as we shared fellowship and good food yesterday.  I am amazed how God used us to bless others, whether it was the golf club’s management, catering and wait staff, or the baker who baked and decorated almost 70 cakes (dessert was the table centerpiece),  and how they in turn blessed us.

My mind is in awe of the direction and vision our youthful Executive Director and supportive Board of Directors is taking our organization.  We are launching into exciting and new territory as God leads us, and I am grateful for the privilege of being a staff member and witnessing first hand how His hand is guiding us.

My gift of gratitude is overflowing today and there is much more I could convey, but I will share one more item of thankfulness.  My husband could not join me as a table co-host last night as we planned.  His car broke down as he drove home from work, making him not just late, but unable to drive to the event.

Even though I was disappointed that he could not attend the fund-raiser and we found out today that it is going to cost a small fortune to repair the car, I am so grateful he wasn’t stranded, that he made it home safely and was not injured.

And here’s my thought for today – life doesn’t always turn out the way we plan;  there are always glitches, some minor, some major.  But there’s also always something we can wrap up in our gift of gratitude, present to God in thanksgiving, and bestow on others if we choose to do so.

So my gift of gratitude is bedecked in exquisite wrapping paper today, all tied up with a fluffy, brightly colored ribbon.  I want to present this gift to you, my reader, in hopes that today you will take a moment to step off the treadmill of life and reflect on the blessings you have this day.  Wrap up your own gratitude gift, say a prayer of thanksgiving,  and pass it on to those for whom you are thankful.

“Life is an echo — what you send out comes back.” ~ unknown

©2010 mamasemptynest.wordpress.com


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