Would you believe?

blog327You may have noticed I didn’t post an entry on my blog yesterday.  Would you believe I was kidnapped by a secret anti-blogging organization?

No, you don’t believe that?  Would you believe I was kept captive by a wild herd of kids?

No, you don’t believe that one either?  How about I spent the better part of the day in Babies ‘R Us?

If you’re too young to get my drift in the first paragraph, let me explain.  Back in the old days, (the 60’s) there was a comical television show called “Get Smart,” a satire on the secret agent genre that was popular back in the day.

An actor named Don Adams played a bumbling, tall-tale telling agent named Maxwell Smart.  Even though he was pretty inept as a secret agent, he always managed to save the day with his sidekick, beautiful lady agent, Agent 99.  “Would you believe….” was one of the catch phrases from the show.

So believe it or not, I really was captive for quite some time in a store I very rarely visit, Babies ‘R Us.  The last time a new baby joined my family was about 11 years ago, I think, when my last great-nephew was born.

But there’s a new little miss soon joining the ranks of our clan come December.   My nephew and his wife are awaiting their first bundle of joy and the baby shower is fast approaching.

So armed with pages and pages of baby gift registry entries, my sister (the proud grandma-to-be) and I embarked on a shopping excursion with most of our time expended at the big box store for babies.  Meandering up and down the aisles, my eyes beheld baby items I never knew existed.

That store sure knows how to hit your sweet spot for spending money on the endearing little creatures entering your life.  We oohed and we aahed all over the place, perusing one aisle of baby goods after another, not to mention all the time we spent searching for items on the gift registry that weren’t in the store.

Since I was shopping for a joint gift from both my daughters and myself, I thought I had a hefty amount of money to expend.  Thought being the operative word there.  Baby items like strollers, car seats, etc. cost a whole lot more now than I remember them costing.   “Missed it by that much.”  (Another “Get Smart” catch phrase.)

And then there’s all those items to choose from, things called boppies, or floppies or moppies, oh, I don’t know.  It was mind-boggling.  The nursery for the little one is decked out in fairy tale princess décor, and believe me, there were a lot of items that befitted a princess!

Would you believe I actually got lost between the baby furniture and the binkies for the entire day?  Ok, maybe not.  Would you believe I got a good daily workout just rambling around Babies ‘R Us searching for just the right baby gift?  Naw, I didn’t.

How about getting suckered into purchasing a pink “soothing spa and shower” baby bath and an adorable pink and lavender flowered and butterfly adorned baby bouncer with seven soothing lullabies and a calming vibration mode to entice baby to sleep?  Oh yes I did!

I just couldn’t resist them.  At least I didn’t succumb to the princess potty chair like my sister did.   Oops! I let the cat out of the bag…. “Sorry about that, Chief!”

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5 responses

  1. I know – isn’t it fun! Right after mine and yours were born, out came all these really cool things. I always like those slings that you tie around your shoulder and waist to carry the baby in. I had fun with outfitting my house (via yard sales) for my two little boys, I still want to find a nice musical mobile for the crib and a plastic swing for the tree outside. : ) Just wait until we’re grandparents! We’ll be dangerous!


    • LOL! Oh my goodness, you are so right! Dangerous is exactly what we will be! None of my kids are very close to getting married yet, so it looks like you may be the next contender for grandma since you have a married one! When that happens, I want to hear (well, read) all about it!!!


  2. Shopping for babies has to be my all time favorite kind of shopping! =D I am looking forward to, some day, being a grandma! Some day, being the key words! Like you, mine are far from being married yet.


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