Making my voice heard today

It’s time to put your vote where your mouth is.  It’s Election Day.blogdscn7192

Mid-term elections, but hopefully every American of voting age, who is disgusted and disappointed with the leanings of the current politicians, will make his/her voice heard today in a visit to the polling booth.

I did something unusual for me; I went to vote with my husband today.  Actually voting is not unusual for me, I rarely miss doing my civic duty.  Going with my husband was the unusual part.

Usually, he (being the early bird) awakens early and Election Day is no different.  Some times he arrives as the polling place opens at 7 a.m. to cast his vote. Since I’m not a pleasant early riser, I usually vote on my way home from work in the afternoon.  But not today, I got up early and joined my hubby to help elect our next public servants.

There were only four offices up for election in my area, but they are important ones – Governor of our state, United States Senator, United States Representative, and State Representative. Voting precincts are expecting a brisk turn-out today, and I hope that prediction is accurate.

I know I’ll anxiously wait to see the results.  It encouraged me to see everyone at my work office wearing their “I voted today” American flag stickers.  I seriously believe if you don’t vote, you don’t have the right to gripe, that’s why I’m hopeful that all the gripers headed to the voting booth today.

I’m not much of a political animal, that’s more my hubby’s interest.  But I am tired of the rhetoric, tired of the agendas, tired of taxes, tired of the liberal bent (yes, I am a conservative and proud of it!), tired of people whining but not doing anything about their complaints, and just plain tired of the direction our country seems headed.

I’m proud to say I live in a country where we have that privilege and freedom to vote for the candidate of our choice.  So I did my part, I voted today.

Did you?


2 responses

  1. Yep, hubby and I both cast our votes today. My boys
    cannot wait ’til it is their turn to do their civic duty! 🙂 They wish they could cast their vote now…they are quite tired of the way things are as well…son number two says “I’ll keep my liberties and freedom, you keep your ‘change.'” We need change, but NOT the kind currently aimed for…:/


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