The truth about cats and dogs

blogdscn0484Yesterday I learned the truth about cats and dogs.  In a hospital waiting room.  In between bouts of trying to avoid stranger danger.  If you’re totally lost by this, read my post from yesterday.

Even though I am not a medical professional, for some reason I enjoy reading and learning about issues in the medical field.   Yesterday hubby said the doctor informed him he had some…thing…, but hubby couldn’t remember the medical term.   I supplied it for him, and sure enough when the doctor stopped by to release hubby for discharge,  I was correct.

I mentioned my interest in medical jargon to hubby and that I probably could have made a decent nurse, except for that regurgitation thing that sick people do.  Yeah, I can’t stomach seeing, hearing, or smelling someone throw up.

But that’s another story and let’s not go there or I will start gagging while I write.  Let’s just say that while raising three children, hubby was relegated to “sick duty” and my kids were forbidden to be even nauseous when their dad was away on business and we’ll leave it at that.

So by enlightening you about my fascination with all things medical, this explains why, out of all the magazines in the hospital waiting room, I would pick up WebMD magazine first to read.  There was a small sidebar article in the periodical that was entitled “Surprising Things About Dogs and Cats,” but it listed a website you needed to visit to peruse (as Paul Harvey would say) “the rest of the story.”

Of course, I plugged it into the search engine on my computer and read the article – and that’s when I learned the truth about cats and dogs.

The first thing I read, I already knew – dog kisses can make you sick.  Some people believe dogs’ mouths are cleaner than humans.  Wrong.

Now, I’m not overly fond of pooches, but they love me (click on this link “Why Do Doggies Sing Me Love Songs” to read about that). Doggies always want to jump on me and they would kiss me if I would let them, but whoa, no way am I going to allow a dog to lick my face, let alone my lips!

Experts (veterinarians) say that dogs’ mouths are “teeming with germs like salmonella, campylobacter, and cryptosporidium,” which when passed to humans’ mouths cause nasty cases of diarrhea.  A canine harbors those germs in his mouth from eating spoiled food or “when he uses his tongue as toilet paper.”

A-ha!! See right there is exactly why I would never willingly permit a dog to lick my lips! Seriously, you don’t know where that dog’s tongue has been!  Ewww.

The next fact about dogs that I already suspected is that they have a look of love.  You know that old song, “The look of love is in your eyes…”  Totally written for dogs.

The article declares that when your dog locks eyes with you it “may genuinely be a look of love, and not simply a form of begging.”  I’ve seen that look in dogs’ eyes.  Frankly, it frightens me; I don’t want to be loved by them that much.  I could accept them wanting my dinner much more readily than wanting to love me.

Since I am a cat owner, you would think I’d be more knowledgeable about those creatures than dogs, but a couple facts about cats were new to me.  Apparently, they can love too much.  This sounds very ironic because most people think these furry animals are aloof and don’t really care about humans that much.  Not true!

According to this article, animal behavior experts believe felines experience separation anxiety when they are apart from their favorite person.  They can act out, vocalize loudly, block the door when their loved one is attempting to leave, pace, vomit (oops, don’t go there), or be so worried, they can’t eat.

I know of one case in particular where this can be documented.  Oldest daughter’s kitty Jack.  He adores her.  And when she is gone, he chews her carpet, actually eating it until he throws up.  Major ewww.  Okay, there is getting to be way too much talk of throw up in this post!

Moving on quickly to the next point, cats kiss with their eyes.  Awww, isn’t that sweet?  They don’t try to lick your mouth and give you their nasty germs; they just blink at you to say,  “I love you, my human.”

At least, that’s what feline experts say.  A slow blink aimed at other kitties is a peace sign “meant to put other felines at ease.”  When they blink at a person, it shows affection, even love, so experts recommend we humans return the love by giving kitty cat a long gaze and then slowly blinking to “blow a kiss back in cat body language.”   Evidently, this works for house cats, feral cats, and even wild cats like tigers, so they say.

But if a tiger heads in my direction, I don’t think I’ll blow it a kiss by blinking at it!  I experimented with this method of demonstrating love to my adorable ball of fur last night.  She just stared at me, unblinking,  as if to say, “What the heck are you doing?”

And she didn’t blink back, no matter how many times I “kissed” her in “ze language of amour.”  I felt like the cartoon skunk Pepé LePew being rebuffed by the object of his affection, Penelope Kitty, as my own kitty turned and actually walked away from me.

Sacré bleu!  Maybe she doesn’t love me after all! 😦

Check out the site if you’re interested:



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  1. I tried “kissing” Jack in his language and he too stared at me, unblinking! He actually turned his head away from me and I swear I saw him rolling his eyes… haha


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