Raindrops and grace


“Rain drops keep falling on my head.  But that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turning red, crying’s not for me.  ‘Cause I’m never gonna stop the rain by complaining.”    

But the truth of the matter is it’s still colder than usual, still rainy, and the sun’s still missing in action.  I’m not complaining, just merely relating the facts.  A dreary day like today tends to make me feel a little down.

Of course, it didn’t help that I also had a dental appointment today.  I greatly dislike going to the dentist, even though I have the most wonderful, gentle dentist on earth.  He really is very kind and reminds me of a big teddy bear, plus he usually makes me laugh with his dental mask that looks like a doggie with whiskers.   I’ve been known to have panic attacks in the dental chair in the past – I blame them on my childhood dentist, who scared me on more than one occasion.   But that didn’t happen today.

My dentist owns his own office building and his suite is on the top floor.  All the dental chairs face the huge plate glass windows, so it’s hard to feel claustrophobic in there when you can look out the window and see for miles.   But as my hygienist cranked my chair back to an upright position, the view I observed outside the window was a gray, gloomy, dismally dim vista with plenty of dark rain clouds crowding up the sky.

I left my appointment with smooth, squeaky clean teeth, which made me happy, but it was still raining, which didn’t make me happy.  So I drove to the nearby shopping mall and searched for some fall clothes.  That didn’t help my dismal mood either.  After a couple of hours and umpteen trips to the dressing rooms, I didn’t find much that suited my body, my mood, or my pocketbook.

On the way home, I called my sister and stopped by her house for a visit.  That just made me a little sad too because her sweet little doggie isn’t feeling well – bronchitis.  Who would think dogs get bronchitis? I felt so sorry for her when she coughed; I was sympathetic because I’m just now finally over (I think) the flu/cold/whatever it was that lasted for two weeks!

But after I arrived back home, (and yes, I finally surrendered and turned on the heat!) one of my favorite Christian praise songs popped in my head (thank you, Lord!).  So I wanted to share it with my readers today in case you’re feeling a little out of sorts too.   God is always faithful and each day He gives me grace – it falls on me like rain – and that is enough for me.  Is it enough for you too?

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5 responses

  1. I love this song too! My hubby had the privilege of singing it for an offertory at church once; plus we sing it during the worship time as well!


  2. Hubby has been the worship leader at the church for quite some time now, I believe about 8 years…maybe a bit longer. You know he was never comfortable up in front of people at all, but our pastor heard him singing/playing guitar and thought “why am I leading worship” and that is how it all got started. 🙂 I do help him with the singing and pulling songs etc., but he leads faithfully each week. He is also teaching the adult Sunday school class (going through Exodus) too! He loves the extra study and it grows him daily.


  3. So this all transpired after we moved away….that’s why I didn’t know he sang and played guitar too!! He was hiding his light under a bushel back then, but now he’s letting it shine for Jesus. How wonderful! And how blessed you and I are to have husbands who want to serve God and grow in their relationship with Him.


  4. We ARE blessed indeed. My girl plays the piano beautifully and now teaches a young girl at our church. My oldest twin son plays guitar, and his brother dabbles on the drums. I just sing and occaisionly brush off the dust from the ol’ fingers and see what I can remember of the piano, not much, I’m afraid! :/ But, I do feel blessed that I have music all around me especially because it comes from my family. 🙂


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