Missing in action

pexels-photo-301599.jpegMy feet, those feet that love to be free from the shackles of socks and shoes, are freezing!

I’m wearing socks, but I need to search my closet and locate my cozy, fuzzy slippers.  The weather is dreary, overcast, rainy, and downright chilly in my neck of the woods.

Right now it is 58 degrees inside my house and about 51 degrees outside.  Brrr!  And I refuse to turn on the heat so soon in the season.  My last natural gas bill was very low and I would like to keep it that way for another month at least.

This is not typical weather for my homeland in the early part of October.  The golden sun that usually warms our autumn days is missing in action.  I’m ready to file a missing star report on it.  I’m sure the police will want to know the particulars, so I better get my facts straight, because  I’ll probably end up talking with a Dragnet style detective – you know, “Just the facts, ma’am.”

  1. Missing star’s name? The Sun aka Sol.
  2. Age? Really old, created by God, Master Designer of the Universe, most likely on the first day.
  3. Height & weight?  Well, he is about 864,400 miles wide, but I’m not sure how tall he is; weighs about 2 thousand trillion tons, give or take a few pounds.
  4. Address?  I’m not exactly sure, but I know he lives in the middle of our solar system.
  5. Physical features? Very hot! Round, blindingly bright, sometimes white, yellow, or orange, even reddish, has a few sun spots here and there.
  6. Known friends?  Earth for one.  There are some other planets that hang around him – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.  They’re the big dogs, but there’s this little wanna-be that hangs around too.  Goes by the name of Pluto.
  7. Known hangouts?  He’s always seen in the east in the morning, then moves over to the westside in the afternoon.  I don’t know where the heck he goes at night – must be the other side of the globe!
  8. Last known whereabouts?  Just the other day he was in the sky above my house, but haven’t seen him for a few days, longer than 24 hours, that’s for sure!

I’m hopeful the police will put out an APB (all points bulletin) for him and find his whereabouts.  Maybe he’s just hiding out for some reason.  I just know I want him back.  If you see him, please tell him I love him, I miss him, I need him, and send him this way.  ASAP!

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2 responses

  1. Well said! We did have a little sunshine this morning, but it was still a bit chilly out.
    Chilly enough that hubby built a small fire in the dining room fireplace this morning! ’twas nice to have breakfast by the fire and watch the birds attack the suet feeders through the picture window that overlooks our backyard. 🙂 Yep, I do believe fire season is here. I love fires in the fall and winter! Love to be warm on the inside and leave the cold outside…eh?


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