That’s sweet!!

pexels-photo-205961.jpegSweets for the sweet.  I’m not going to claim that I am the epitome of sweetness.

Just ask my husband, I’m sure he can relate more than one occasion when he would not describe me as sweet.

My tongue can be pretty tart on occasion and I know I’m even a little sour now and then.

I’ve worked very hard on removing bitterness out of my life, but every so often I probably am a little salty.  I do make a concerted effort though to live by Proverbs 16:24 ~ “Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.”

Out of all the “tastes” the taste buds on our tongues can distinguish, my tongue likes sweet the best.  I’ll admit it, I have a sweet tooth!  I think I inherited this fondness for sugar from my dad, who loved sweets.

I’m pretty sure they were such a delight for him because he was the last child in a family of six children growing up during the Great Depression without a father.  My grandpa died when Dad was a mere baby, so my grandma had a tough life trying to provide for her family especially in those difficult economic times.

So desserts or anything sweet were rare and a very special treat for my dad as a child.  I think that’s why he enjoyed those little luxuries so very much as an adult.  Dad always had some kind of candy on hand in his house and when he shopped for groceries, you could bet there were cookies and cakes in his cart!

My mom spoiled him (and me) in that respect when she was still living, because she was the most amazing baker.  Her desserts were delicious – cookies, cakes, pies.   To this day, my husband has never, ever found a piece of coconut cream pie that tasted as good as my mom’s did.  Every time, he samples a slice of that kind of pie, he shakes his head and pronounces, “Nope, not as good as your mom’s!”  When I was young, she even made homemade candy and doughnuts.  Yum, yum.

So is it any wonder I love sweets too?  The past week though I have had way more than my fair share of sugary indulgences!  Friday afternoon I attended my friend’s daughter’s wedding.  There were wonderful hors d’oeuvres and a delicious meal served, but what really floated my boat was the gigantic table filled with platters and trays of cookies, cookies, cookies.  And of course there was wedding cake served too! Mine was chocolate with peanut butter filling.  Delish!

When Monday rolled around, I attended a “dessert meeting” at my work place.  Nestled on a lovely, fall-theme decorated table were plates of cookies and brownies and a bowl of miniature chocolate candy bars.

Of course, since then, the remaining goodies have been available for snacking in my office.  And since my friend works there too, she brought in another tray of cookies from the wedding celebration.  And that bowl of candy hasn’t been touched much, so it still calls to me from the counter every time I go to the copy machine.

My work takes me into school classrooms and this week I have been in the Family Living and Consumer Science department (that’s Home Ec for us old-timers) at a local high school.  I’m there presenting a program to one class a day during the first period, bright and early in the morning.  So I grab a bowl of Cheerios and a cup of hot tea every morning before I head out the door.

When I arrive back at my office, those cookies are sitting there asking to be eaten.  I’ve done my best to resist and have only eaten a couple.  Of course, still recovering from the flu, I haven’t been that hungry either.  Until today.

During my class this morning, the teacher baked sample homemade cinnamon rolls, which her second period class was going to start preparing today.  The smell of those rolls baking was heaven.   As I gathered up my material to leave, she asked me if I would care to have a cinnamon roll for the road.  Would I???   Does a lion turn down meat? Would a panda bear say, “No, thank you” to a bamboo shoot?  Does a killer shark resist fresh fishies?  Would Mama politely refuse a freshly-baked, iced cinnamon roll?  No way!

You know that starve a cold, feed a fever thing?  Or is it starve a fever, feed a cold?  I can never remember.  Apparently, my body is tired of that and what does it crave?  Cinnamon rolls would fit the bill quite nicely.

Mercy, it was good.  I ate the whole thing.  Then I ate some cookies.  I just might be on a sugar-overload high.  I know one thing, I’m feeling pretty “ssaweeeettt”  today.



3 responses

  1. I think I gained a few pounds just reading today’s blog! For this dieter, it was good to indulge in someone else’s delightful desserts! MMMM. I for one am looking forward to wedding cake in just over a week, and diet or not, I WILL BE partaking of that special dessert! =D


    • I know! Just thinking about those goodies makes me gain weight. And today when I was back in that same class, the teacher offered me another cinnamon roll! I turned it down this time (good girl!). Do enjoy that wedding cake! No one should deprive themselves of that goodie. 🙂


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