View from my window

blogDSCN6985“All the windows of my heart I open to the day.” ~ John Greenleaf Whittier

Each morning as we awaken, I wonder how many of us look out the window.  I do.  It’s one of the first things I accomplish.

I check to see if it’s sunny, or pouring down rain, is there frost on the ground or maybe snow?  In many ways, the view outside my window sets my mood for the day. Sunshine usually makes me happy, but I can even get excited about snowflakes in the air.

Looking out my window today here are the things I observe.  The sky is brilliant blue with tufts of white puffy clouds, and the sun is radiantly beaming down on our two and a half-acre yard causing shadows here and there.

A refreshing wind blew in overnight and pushed out the heat and humidity from yesterday (it was 89 degrees).   The maple trees, which are just starting to show a hint of changing colors, are gently swaying back and forth in the gusts of wind that come along.  The leaves wave at me as if to say, “Notice us because before too long, we will be gone!”

My empty porch swing also sways back and forth in the gentle breeze.  Soon it will be time to store all the outdoor furniture away for the winter.  Our potted flowers, which once beautified the front porch and deck with spots of dazzling color, are now withered and dried, another sign of the summer season’s wane.

Occasionally, a car or pick-up truck passes by our house on the road in front of our home.   There’s never much traffic out our way because most people travel the four-lane highway to get where they’re going.

Hubby is out back burning some trash.  We live in the country where one can burn paper and cardboard, thus making our garbage load in the landfills a little lighter.  Hubby stops to take a cell phone call; it’s a long one.

He hunkers down by the compost pile and continues to talk, shielding the phone from the wind no doubt.  Suddenly, he stands up and waves his arms.  Uh-oh, I can tell he’s a little agitated by the call—must be work related.

Coming in for a cool drink of home-made iced tea, hubby tells me about his phone call.  One of the things I admire about my husband is his ability to get over anger quickly.  He’s already calmed down and goes back outside to jump on the John Deere lawn tractor and mow the lawn, a task he always seems to enjoy.

Our garden, which just a few weeks ago, was vibrantly growing and out of control, is now half bare; only the pepper plants, a few cherry tomatoes, and the Brussels sprouts remain.  The cheery sunflowers are bowing their heads lower and lower each day.

Large black crows, with their cacophonous caws, visit our yard enticed by the promise of sunflower seeds.  Their presence sends our kitty cat into a tizzy.   How dare those brazen birds enter her yard?!

Once the crows withdraw, it’s quiet except for the drone of the lawn tractor.   Many people might think it’s mundane living out here in the country without any hustle and bustle.  To us, it’s just an everyday occurrence and that’s the way we like it.  We wouldn’t want it any other way.

I lift up a thankfulness prayer to the One who gave us this blessed, peaceful life and the promise of tomorrow, when I once again will check the view from my window.

“Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.” ~ Colossians 4:2



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