Off Balance Blues

pexels-photo-786205.jpegDo you ever feel like you’re a little off-balance, out of kilter?

It’s not really something you can readily identify like your blood sugar’s low or you’re wearing two different shoes so your balance literally is off.

Don’t laugh, I know people who have done that!  One lady must have scurried out of her house in a huge hurry one Sunday morning because she arrived at church with one white shoe on one foot and one black shoe on the other.  I also personally know someone who wore two different shoes to a wedding – not on purpose.   So it happens, but that’s not what I mean.

I’m talking about when you experience a period of time in which things don’t fall into line according to plan, you just can’t seem to focus, or one thing after another goes awry. I’m undergoing one of those phases.

The first incidence was when I opened the vanity cupboard door on my side of the bathroom sink to find sopping wet items in there.  As I pulled them out, water started dripping from the cabinet onto the carpet.   And of course this occurred at 11 p.m. on a weeknight just as hubby and I were preparing to turn in for the night! 

After we emptied the cabinet and soaked up the water with towels, hubby declared my sink off-limits until he could inspect it and see where the leak was.  That’s when I noticed water running out of his side of the vanity too!

The next day when middle daughter came home for an overnight visit, I made a good home-cooked meal.  While I was removing the baking dish from the oven, I burned myself badly on the inside of my left wrist.  A long, straight burn line from the oven rack turned into a blister which I kept bumping every time I used my arm.

I covered it with some burn cream and a huge band-aid (one of the ones that didn’t get wet under the sink) because my nurse daughter told me to keep the blister intact for less chance of infection.  I awakened the next morning with my arm itching madly in the vicinity of my burn, and when I removed the band-aid found my skin broken out in hives from the bandage adhesive.

Later, while daughter and I were shopping at a nearby mall, I  complained about my shoes.  As we hiked the mall, one of my feet kept slipping in my shoe.  That evening, my back bothered me and then my right knee started to ache, probably because I was trying to compensate for the slippery shoe and was totally throwing my body out of whack.

Yeah, that’s the kind of week it was.  And it only went downhill from there.   The next day brought a head-ache and then somehow I actually stabbed a tender area of my skin – it bled and smarted like crazy – with a fingernail.  Who does that???  Apparently, accident-prone me.

Yesterday I just didn’t feel “right” all day long – tired, out-of-sorts, lethargic. And then my huge burn blister popped open. Last night as I tripped over the bathroom items that are still taking up residence on the floor instead of the vanity (because we need to make sure the leak is fixed once and for all), I remarked to hubby that my throat felt really sore.

I spent a rather sleepless night as my throat felt so raw I could not rest.  Finally, around 3 a.m. I crept downstairs so as not to wake hubby and searched for some Tylenol.  You guessed it, we had none.  Scrounging around in my purse in the bedroom by cell phone light (that did wake hubby up!),  I finally found some, which didn’t help my throat much at all.

So I’m home sick today  – headache, sore throat, achy, the works.  I hate being sick and if I wasn’t already off-balance, this is going to throw me off kilter even more. There are tons of items on my work to-do list, including a presentation that may or may not happen (dependent on how I feel) tomorrow.   Of course, I also forgot to mention that my power went off for a short time right after I sat down at the computer to write this post.

That’s it.  I’m done.  I’m climbing back into bed.

Ahhhh-choooo!   I really have to go now.   I need to catch my nose……it’s running.  I just hope I don’t trip over the cat on my way to the Kleenex box.



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