Cloudy with a chance of sun showers


“Today there will be sun showers.”  When we lived in the Pacific Northwest, that’s a line the TV weatherman would actually use.   It meant there would be a break in the gloomy curtains of rain or mist when the sun would peek through periodically.

I could use some sun showers today.   Yesterday was such a glorious day and this day following is a big disappointment.  It’s chilly – only in the mid 60’s.  Yesterday was in the upper 70’s.  It’s raining, actually pouring at my house.  Although our parched brown grass can certainly use the rain, it’s a little depressing after yesterday’s sun fest.  The sky is bleak and overcast and there is a black storm cloud just hanging over my house.  (That is it in the picture above!)

Yesterday I felt like singing.  I embraced a happy-go-lucky kind of feeling all day long.  This morning when I awakened and looked out my window, I felt like crawling back into bed and snuggling under the covers for the rest of the day.

Now before you think I’m bi-polar, you must realize I am just one of those people who is affected by weather.   Sunshine makes me happy.  Period.  Gray skies, not so much.

Rainstorms don’t necessarily make me sad; there are times when I love watching the rain, hearing the thunder-clap, viewing the lightning zap.   But when there’s just a steady rain,  skies are gray all day, and you must have lights on in the house in the middle of the day, it can make me feel gloomy too.   Abrupt changes in the barometric pressure actually give me headaches.  It’s strange, I know.  But it’s true.

blogDSCN6771Although I don’t have a headache today, I’m feeling really lethargic and cold – even my feet are encased in socks today!

There are a million things I should be doing since it’s a day off work, but I honestly don’t feel like it.

I could be cleaning; I could be taming the “too much stuff monsters” in my basement; I could be doing laundry; I could be transporting some of the clutter that I’ve already tamed to our local charity store.  The list goes on.

If I got busy and got moving, I’d be warmer.  Yet I sit here at my computer, shivering a little, writing my blog and whining, and when I’m finished, I want to camp out on the couch with a blanket, a cup of hot tea, and a good book.  Even my kitty seems unenergetic today.  She’s just lounging around the house as well, not willing to go outside, just wanting to sleep anywhere!

That’s how days like today affect my mood. It’s quiet here too, of course, and that doesn’t help much.  And in the quiet of this lonely, dismal day, those dreaded old empty nest blues rear their ugly heads again.  Just when I think I’ve got them cornered, cuffed, and cordoned off in their cell, they break free and bombard me with looming loneliness and woe is me wallops.

But wait, there’s a chance of sun showers today after all!  Middle daughter is coming home late this afternoon (after she gets some rest from working a 12-hour night shift at her hospital) for a visit.  We’ll have a nice home-cooked meal together rescuing me from a lonely evening while her dad attends his civic club meeting.  She’s spending the night in her old bedroom and the day with her empty nest mama tomorrow.

Suddenly my mood brightens.  Thank you God for the sun showers!  I’ll take them as often as you see fit to send them.


So...what do you think? Tell me. I appreciate your feedback and read each comment. Thank you!

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