City lights or country nights?

blogDSCN6877The city beckoned to us yesterday so  we briefly joined the hustle and bustle.

From our little country plot into the city is a pretty short drive and really not horrendous considering the traffic gridlock you can find in other cities.

Our nearby city has some God-created natural land aspects that make it a little more difficult to travel around like rivers and hills which require bridges and tunnels for vehicles to negotiate.  Add some construction into the mix and traffic snarls can line up in a snake-like fashion.

Middle daughter lives in the city.  Hubby and I wanted to take her out to dinner to celebrate her birthday yesterday, so we picked her up at her apartment and headed to the another area of the city where we decided to dine.  Hubby is more adept at city driving than me because he learned to drive in the concrete jungle and he navigates the city streets daily.

Being the rural girl, I learned to drive on country roads and highways.   It’s not that I can’t drive in the city, of course I can, I lived in the suburbs of a couple large cities for years.  I just don’t like to deal with the traffic of the city.   Call me wimpy, I don’t care.  (“I’d gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”  That’s what a character named Wimpy in old Popeye cartoons used to say.)

Middle daughter has inherited her fine sense of direction from her former city dwelling dad and she’s learning her way around the city very well.   I tend to get lost much more easily than the two of them, so in areas I’m unfamiliar with I’m not what you would call adventurous.    In other words, I like to know exactly where I am and where I am heading.

As we were meandering around the streets of our fair city, I was glad hubby was driving as he knew how to get from point A (daughter’s apartment) to point B (area where the restaurant was).   I didn’t have a clue.   But on the way back from the restaurant to daughter’s apartment, we definitely traveled the not-so-scenic route.

Clueless me foolishly asked hubby if he knew where we were.   His answer was “Yes, this should take us to (this particular area of the city).”

“Are you sure?” I replied.

And he admitted he wasn’t completely sure, but that he’d manage to figure it out on the way.  See that would freak me out if I were driving.

We arrived at our destination with no difficulty, parked our car, and started walking along the river towards the  yummy dinner that awaited us.   The scenic sights of the city though caused me to stop and haul out my camera to take a few photos.   I do love living in the country, but there is something exhilarating and exciting about being in the city from time to time.

blogbirthday dessertAfter my short photo session, we entered the restaurant and had a lovely and delicious dinner together, just middle daughter with her mama and daddy.

It was pleasant and we had some delightful conversation.  We wished daughter a happy birthday once more after her lip-smacking, delicious dessert was placed before her –  s’mores fondue, a warmed pot of chocolate ganache and marshmallow crème with glazed graham crackers and fresh strawberries for dipping.

Daughter thanked us and then paused and added this thought, “Thanks for giving me life.”

In this day and age, that statement is very thought-provoking, and I had to fight back the tears that started welling up in my eyes.    Imagining what my life would be like without middle daughter’s life, or any of my three children’s lives, is like imagining a world with no flowers.

As each of my children grew and bloomed, the Master Gardener used my being their mama to mold and shape me into the person I am today.  Looking at my beautiful daughter,  I uttered a silent prayer to my Lord who entrusted those three lives to my husband and me and I felt humbled to be so blessed.

blogDSCN6889As summer wanes, the days are getting shorter, so by the time we left the restaurant, it was already dark.

The lights of the city caught my eye and enticed me to draw my camera out of my purse once again.  The city’s landscape at night is beautiful and this picture is only a small portion of it.

I’d have to disagree with author Somerset Maugham who wrote, “In the country the darkness of night is friendly and familiar, but in a city, with its blaze of lights, it is unnatural, hostile and menacing.  It is like a monstrous vulture that hovers, biding its time.”

To me, the darkness of night in the country is comfy and comfortable.  It’s like an old friend.   But our city with its blaze of lights doesn’t seem hostile or menacing to me.  Unlike the city Maugham was describing, I wouldn’t call our city a monster.   It’s just a different kind of friend.

Nice place to visit.  But still… I wouldn’t want to live there.



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