Ice cream for the soul

pexels-photo-618915.jpegA delicious bowl of ice cream on a hot summer evening places an exclamation point on an enjoyable day.

What is it about ice cream that soothes us and makes us feel like all is right with the world?

Hubby and I were blessed with both ice cream and an enjoyable day yesterday.  The first pleasant aspect of the day was when our son, who now lives in that state next door, arrived back at the homestead for the long holiday weekend.

After dinner, our house echoed with young people’s voices and enthusiasm as son’s newlywed friends, who just live a few miles down the highway from us, came to visit.  You can read about this young couple in an earlier post of mine called “The Glory of Love.”  There’s nothing sweeter than a young couple in love and they personify that warm, glowing emotion.

It was fun and entertaining to engage in conversation with them and our son. Topics of discussion ranged from new jobs to visits to foreign countries to tales of the boys’ memories growing up together and sharing good times here at our house, and lots of other subjects in between.  We capped the pleasant evening with bowls of delicious ice cream, including my favorite – mint chocolate  chip.

Today middle daughter drove up from the city on her day off to see her brother and spend the day with us.  The day didn’t deliver exciting adventures, on the other hand, it was just an ordinary day.   We ran some errands, visited the mall to upgrade some cell phones,  and ate some lunch together.   But it was a day spent together and that was the important part.

A friend called to chat today and when she heard that middle daughter was arriving for a visit with son, my friend remarked that it encouraged her that our grown children care about one another and spend time together enjoying each other’s company.

She said she hopes and prays her girls will be the same when they grow up.   I know they will because she and her husband are guiding their children in godly ways.

After we ended our conversation, it occurred to me that my friend couldn’t have given me a better complement than what she said about my “kids.”  I know hubby and I did the best we could as parents, but I give glory to our Lord God for the grounded adults our kids have become.   All three of our children love and serve Him and that makes all the difference.

It’s just like ice cream for my soul at the end of the day.


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