I know, I’m spoiled!

blog259I’m spoiled.  I usually get my way.  I don’t have to share very much.  Lots of mornings it’s just all about me.  I can count on having my path clear and all to myself.  Before you judge me, you must know that I’m talking about my morning commute to work.

I live in a rural area where there really isn’t much traffic.  If you travel a few miles down the highway, you will slam into the mess of big city traffic jams.

My hubby manuevers through that maze everyday, but he has a lot more patience than I do.   I don’t have to deal with traffic congestion very often, thankfully.  And that’s the way I like it.   It’s one of the countless reasons why I love living where I do.

The commute from my house to my office usually takes me a whopping 12 minutes.  I ease on down my road to the entrance ramp of a four-lane highway where I rarely have to yield to any oncoming traffic.  And then I just toodle on to work, cruise control set on 65, occasionally passing a truck or slower car, but usually I travel a good portion of the trek without sharing the road with a plethora of other drivers.

Not today, however.  My office is located on the outskirts of our small town.  From where I live, you must traverse a river to get to town by one of two means – a small bridge that leads you smack dab into town’s main street or a four-lane highway bridge (literally a “high” way since this span is elevated quite a distance above the river).  I usually travel by highway bridge; it’s faster and I don’t have to contend with any stop lights.  Told you I was spoiled!

The problem today was that everyone else out and about this morning was also utilizing the highway bridge.  Many of the local drivers use the smaller bridge in and out of town, but that bridge is closed down – not for repairs, not for road work, but for filming of a movie.  Yeah, Hollywood has found my little hometown, for some reason loves our quaint bridge for movie scenes, and this isn’t the first time.

So problem number one was that town bridge has been closed for a couple of days due to movie filming.   That meant town traffic detoured onto highway bridge.  Along comes problem number two:  highway bridge is currently undergoing construction work by our state highway department, which has transformed two lanes into one and slowed traffic speed down as well.

So more traffic today amid construction work means drivers who either aren’t paying attention to signs, are unfamiliar with the traffic pattern, or are dear little old folks who normally don’t drive on highway bridge.   All of this spells traffic jam as drivers attempt to merge into one lane.

Next came problem number three:  traffic slowed to a screeching halt and then proceeded by inches.  Really, my vehicle idles faster than we were traveling!  This was not my usual commute, people!  Where I normally sail, I crept and then I noticed that on-coming traffic was lined up like a queue at the most attractive roller coaster ride at an amusement park.

I spied the reason we had problem number three – problem number four, which was an accident in the middle of the bridge in the middle of construction and in the middle of traffic.  No injuries, but two cars definitely blocked the one lane that was open to traffic.  And even though I was not traveling that direction, my fellow drivers slowed down because of the presence of state troopers and also to gawk.

As I finally broke free of the mess, I really pitied the poor drivers coming from the other direction.  Stopped cars and trucks snaked all the way back three exits on the highway.   This was the exit to my office  – thank goodness!

My usual 12-minute commute took me a half-hour to complete today and it made me a little cranky.  I informed my co-workers that if I was forced to drive in city traffic every day, I WOULD NOT BE A VERY NICE PERSON!

I realize that many people reading this are probably incredulously laughing your heads off at my whining today because you deal with this kind of commute and worse every day.

I’m sorry.  Really I am.  But I don’t understand how you manage it every day and stay sane.

Yep, there’s a reason I live in the country…to stay relatively sane and spare my fellow man my wrath.

Nah, really I’m just a rural girl and I’m spoiled!  At least I admit it!

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