No Sugar, Just Milk Please

blogCallieoutsideI own a cat.  Most days though she owns me.  I realize cats are not everyone’s favorite animal — a lot of people are dog crazy.

I wouldn’t categorize myself as a fanatical animal lover, but I grew up in a household that almost always had a cat residing in it.

About a year after we moved into our new house here,  I arrived home one day after running errands to find my teen-aged children holding/playing with a calico kitten. 

She was well-fed, clean and well-cared for, and very loving (she instantly draped herself around my neck when I picked her up).   According to my kids, “She just showed up in our yard!”  Right.

Searches for her owner were fruitless and so here we are nine years later.  She’s still in our yard, our house, our lives.  Actually she’s guardian of the yard, always on watch for any stray creature that dares to enter.  She doesn’t wander off our two-plus acres of ground though, she’s quite content to just hold down the home front.

She’s also declared herself queen-dictator of the house.   Apparently, in her kitty superiority complex, she’s relegated us to servants to her royal self, and we should heed her beck and call – even though her call is a very soft-spoken meow that’s pronounced “mee-ahh.”   Evidently the royal one should never raise one’s royal voice.

This quote about cats fits our Callie to a tee.  “As anyone who has ever been around a cat for any length of time well knows,  cats have enormous patience with the limitations of the human mind.” ~ Cleveland Amory

Sometimes I catch her staring intently at me, especially when I am not performing her biding.   She gazes at me as if to say, “Why are you so dense?  Don’t you realize I want you to do something for me?”

Her majesty is obviously saying, “Look how cute I am.  You need to adore me. So pay attention, will ya and pet me already?”

Often  when I’m preoccupied on the computer, she leaps onto the back of the loveseat positioned beside the computer chair and taps me on the arm with her paw as if to say, “Hellooooooo….can you not comprehend what I need??”

If you own a cat yourself, you will totally understand what I mean.   If you’re a dog person, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Being cat owners, my family and I have enjoyed the antics of Simon’s Cat by Simon Tofield on YouTube for a couple of years now.  Simon just published another episode of his cartoon, so I thought I’d introduce you to Simon’s Cat if you haven’t already met him.

If you are a person “owned” by a cat, you’ll think it’s hilarious.  Check out the older Simon’s Cat videos too.  If you’re not a cat person, well, I still think you’ll find Simon’s cartoons amusing.

As someone once said, “I realize a cat is not everyone’s cup of fur.”



4 responses

  1. Oh my goodness! THAT video is MY OLLIE. Just the other day, I was trying to do some work and Ollie kept getting under my feet, driving me crazy. So I found a box nearby and threw it to get his attention and lo and behold, he was occupied for like the next half hour! In fact after laughing histerically at that video I saw a box lid nearby and tossed in on the floor. Within moments, both cats had been in it! Hilarious!!!!


  2. What IS it with cats and boxes?? I bought Jack a very nice kitty bed for him to sleep in, but he refuses to go anywhere near it… preferring instead to sleep in a random cardboard box I’d really LIKE to throw away but probably never will because he loves it so much!


    • Yep! Callie doesn’t sleep in her bed anymore either. Now she sleeps on Grandpa’s tractor (the very thing she was always deathly afraid of when he used to mow our grass!). We bought her a new flat “bed” for her in the family room, so she won’t jump up on the new furniture. She absolutely will NOT lay on it. Of course.


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