Got Talent?

blogdscn6766Everyone is chatting about the adorable little blonde-haired 10-year-old wonder who sang on the TV show, “America’s Got Talent,” this week.

I never watched this particular show until the current season, when I guffawed and giggled over the Portland, OR auditions (man, were they weird!), and even now sometimes I forget to watch.  

But I switched on the TV the other night because I wanted to see this tiny singing sensation who hails from my neck of the woods.

She was the very last contestant to perform, but I declare they unquestionably saved the best for last!   First of all, she was undeniably adorable and sweet.  When she opened her mouth to sing,  an incredibly adult operatic voice came out of this cute little package.

I actually sat on my new family room couch and was puzzled.  I kept thinking that voice just couldn’t emanate from that body.  Was it a trick, was she lip-syncing?   No.  Absolutely unbelievable.   Totally incredible.  What a gift God bestowed on that little one.  What a talent!

Talent.  I’m acquainted with some very talented people and I’m sure you can identify talented people in your circle of life as well.  I’m a little envious of people who have blatant talent because I don’t think I’m one of them.

I endured six years of piano lessons, and I can “tickle the ivories” a little.  I wouldn’t claim to be a talented pianist though.  My oldest daughter is way better than I am.   The photo above testifies to that, it’s the music she played on our piano when she visited us last week.

I can carry a tune and I’ve even acted a little way back when, but I’m not star material.  My middle daughter is a better musical theater performer than I am.  She even performed in college musicals.

I can draw a little, but I’m not that artistic.  My son is by far a better artist than I could ever dream to be.  He won an art award at a professionally judged art show when he was still in high school.

So basically, I contend that in the talent arena I’m not a contender.  I just don’t envision myself adequate enough to be “talented” in anything.

Talented people ooze their gift.   It flows from them like a cascading stream of water from a faucet.  It shines from them like beams of light from the sun.  It wafts from them like fragrance from a flower.  It is such an integral part of who they are.

I watched the finale of “So You Think You Can Dance” last night and the three semi-finalists possessed that kind of talent.  They are pure dancer-artists.  It’s in their hearts, it’s in their souls.  I imagine that kind of talent occupies your being.  It must be like an unstoppable force that propels you forward and you just can not stop performing this gift that dwells within you.

Back before I was Mama, my occupation was newspaper reporter/editor and my particular beat was arts and entertainment.  I met, interviewed, and wrote feature stories about countless talented people from painters to musicians to actors to even ventriloquists.  And not once did I feel as talented as they.

Last night something eye-opening occurred to me.  My husband  unwinds from his busy work day by escaping on the computer in the evenings.  He plays unending games of spider solitaire, reads articles, and downloads more Napster music onto his iPod.  I presume it’s his avenue to relaxation.  Along his way on “Computer Drive” yesterday, hubby read my blog entries.  When he finished, he announced to me, “You really are a talented writer!”

Really?? Maybe I have some talent after all??  Huh.



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