Moving Today with No Chance of Tears

blogDSCN6758Today was one of those bittersweet days, hectic and exciting new venture on one hand, with a smattering of poignant reflection as well.

I awakened this morning after relishing a full day of family gathering yesterday and realized today is the day ALL of my children are leaving my home once again.

After spending nearly a week at home with us, our oldest daughter needed to be “on the road again” early to travel back to the state where she resides.  It never gets any easier saying goodbye to her when she leaves, but I managed to be cheerful and not cry – okay I was also sleepy — as I enveloped her in my arms for that farewell hug.

She didn’t seem eager to leave, and I’m ever hopeful that she may seriously contemplate moving back home in a year or so.  Medical research is her field of work, and both her Dad and I attempted to convince her that a new job could await her right here in our nearby city.

Six years ago after her college graduation, this city is where she embarked on her employment journey, and I think the city would like to welcome her back.  So maybe she will move here….or at least to our home state….okay, I’d settle for a 5-6 hour drive away,  something a little more do-able than the almost 13 hours away where she lives now!

After oldest daughter’s departure, I had no time for feeling forlorn, which means I didn’t have time to cry.   Adventures in moving awaited, loading up second daughter’s furniture, clothes, and belongings for her move into her new place.

She works as a registered nurse, a B.S.N. actually, in one of the many hospitals in the city near us.   Her 40 plus minute — depending on traffic– commute was getting tiresome, especially after working 12 hour shifts, so she acquired an apartment in a handy location not far from her hospital.  Another plus gained is having a roommate, her long-time friend, so they can share expenses.

For her move today, we were blessed with a wonderfully sunny day with no chance of rain.   A little glitch with the rental truck actually became an advantage resulting in a larger truck for the same price as the smaller one she originally rented and getting $50 knocked off the cost to boot.   So I’ll just give a little shout out here –Go U-Haul.

But land o’ livin’ (as my grandma used to say) was that truck huge!  So we loaded up the truck, and she moved to…”Beverly…Hills that is.”  No, no,  just into the city.  Sorry that just popped into my head!  You need to be old enough to remember a TV show called “The Beverly Hillbillies” to catch that one!

Well, we had us a convoy into the city!  Daughter drove her car full of possessions with just enough room for Mama holding daughter’s prized dried flowers for safekeeping (which I dropped three times!); son drove behind us in my car loaded with this, that, and the other thing; and Dad brought up the rear position with the rest of the goods in that enormous rental truck.  Thankfully, our gracious Lord dropped another little blessing on us as hubby landed a parking spot for the monster truck on the street in front of daughter’s place.

Unloading the whole shebang was accomplished in record time because daughter’s boyfriend drove up to the city to meet us and help.  He’s a keeper!  Mama, however, was so occupied giving daughter’s new bedroom the once-over, that again I didn’t even have time to cry!

Let me first say, daughter’s roommate, who already lives there, had the rest of the place looking just grand.  But daughter’s room warranted a good cleaning!

That caretaker part of me sure does warp into control mode when my children move into rooms that are just not quite my standard of cleanliness and her new bedroom was definitely that.  In the past, I’ve spun into orbit when leaving my beloved ones in “not the cleanest” rooms, be they dorm rooms; college houses; temporary housing for internships; you get the drift.

My launching into a tizzy truly is ironic because the dust bunnies, cobwebs, dusty woodwork, dirty windows, and floor that needs mopped doesn’t bother me as much in my own home.  If you could take a peek at my house right now, you would probably exclaim, “That’s for sure!”

I guess it just comes down to our dust bunnies are comfortably fluffy, but someone else’s dust bunnies, not so cute and cuddly! So as best I could manage, daughter’s bedroom became presentable and the dust bunnies met a sudden death.

Hot, sweaty and weary, son, hubby and I departed in a hurry, which meant no time for crying, because husband did not want to be late for his jail ministry back at home and son also needed to hit the road for yon parts – a 6 hour drive to the state next door where he is launching his post-college career in mechanical engineering.

Back at home, hubby snatched his Bible and study notes and sprinted out the door.  Ever the mama, I packed son a “goodie” cooler while he grabbed some last-minute items, and he too headed out the door.

As I stood alone on our deck and watched my last child – I know he’s an adult man – walk away and get ready to climb into his new car, my son turned, searched my face, and asked, “Mom, are you going to be all right?”

“Oh I’m fine!”  I replied.

“Are you sure?” he countered.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be just fine,” I reassured him.

And I will be fine.   Maybe tomorrow.

“Parting is such sweet sorrow, That I shall say good night till it be morrow.” ~William Shakespeare ~ Romeo and Juliet


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