Beatifically Beautiful Day

blogDSCN6650“It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood,” as Mr. Rogers would say –my neighborhood shown below to be exact.

I love it when a summer day arrives like today promises to be.   Days like this remind me of scripture from the prophet Isaiah, chapter 55, verse 12 ~ “You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.”

On a day like today, it does feel like the hills are bursting forth in songs of praise to our Father God and the trees are clapping their hands in joy.

This day has delivered clusters of cushion-like cottony clouds floating around in a sea of brilliant blue sky.   Mr. Sun splendidly shines down on our little two acres of green earth but isn’t scorching us today as the temperature is expected to be around 79 degrees.   Low humidity makes it perfectly pleasant to be outside.

blogDSCN6830Pretty pink posies mixed with yellows, reds, whites and purples decorously dot our deck, porch and flower garden.  

Butterflies of more than one variety flit and frolic around the bountiful butterfly bush.   Zippy little hummingbirds drink nourishing nectar from blissful blossoms. 

A profusion of produce proudly waits to be harvested from the garden.

On a day like today, it makes me just want to sing and praise God, Creator of all, for His handiwork.   Just thinking He created all of this for us to enjoy and savor makes me feel so very, very loved and thankful!

And on this masterpiece of a day, marvelously manifested from our Master,  I will be blessed to feast and fellowship with some of my favorite people, my family.   My husband and I will heartily host a homecoming picnic with our son, who arrived from out-of-state last night, both of our daughters,  sisters,  and brother-in-law.

It really is a beatifically beautiful day in the neighborhood!



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