Beehive’s a Buzzing

blogIMG_1909 (3)In the work that I do, summer is always my down time.  There are fewer demands on me, so I take the opportunity  to get caught up on things I’ve put aside,  to research in my particular field of work, and to plan for the upcoming season.

So far, I’ve cleaned out my files, organized my office, read a couple of resource books,  and that’s the kind of thing I tend to endeavor in the summer months.  But I wouldn’t exactly describe my days at work right now as busy.                               

I’ve been thinking about that word “busy” today.  When I ponder this particular term,  I automatically think of a whirlwind of activity, too much to do, being very industrious.   The word busy also makes me think of busybodies, and whew, I’ve known a few of those in my life!  I attempt to stay out of their paths and I try most ardently not to be one either.

My guidebook for life, God’s Word, warns us against gossip, which can be the main activity of a busybody.  There are several scriptures that talk about the dangers of that.  The Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Thessalonica warning them against idleness and to me, it seems he also warned those believers that if they weren’t busy, they would become busybodies.   Not good.

I do make valiant efforts not to fall into a busybody mode, and, as a prevention plan, I’m pretty sure I need to kick idleness out of my life.  Hmmmmm….here’s the rub — lately, I haven’t personified a busy-ness model.  You know if I’m an acquaintance of yours or you read my blog, that my home is not exactly a beehive of activity right now with that empty nest scenario happening.

Unfortunately, my beehive has been pretty still lately, like perhaps all the bees are asleep or maybe even comatose.    But wait!  Something is stirring.  Could that be a humming noise coming from the hive?   Listen carefully, are those sounds of activity?

The Queen Bee has awakened from her slumber!   And since the worker bees are absent, she’s getting her “busy” on!  Vegetables from the garden need harvested.  Food to prepare, zucchini bread to be baked.   Ol’ Mother Hubbard’s got to fill up her empty cupboard.

The vacuum cleaner is purring throughout the house and there is the rustling sound of scurrying feet hither and yon.   Empty beds are being clothed in freshly laundered sheets.  Bathrooms are boasting a sparkly clean shine.

What’s the buzz?  Tell me what’s happening you say?  The hive is going to be a busy place this week.  One of my daughters is coming home from her vacation at the beach, and she’ll need help this week packing up her belongings and moving into a new apartment.   I must finish recovering her dining room chairs with that new fabric as I promised.

But wait, as the TV infomercials say, that’s not all!  My other daughter, who lives in another state, is coming home for a week’s vacation, and –happy, happy, joy, joy — she’s spending it here with dear ol’ mom and dad!  And my sister and brother-in-law, who also live in another state, are also coming for a vacation visit!  Much of my family is going to be near and dear to me this week!

Of course, I’d love to spend more time writing in my blog, dear reader, but I’ve got to go!  So much to do!  So little time to do it!  My mission is to be a Proverbs 31 gal  who “works with eager hands,”  “sets about her work vigorously,” and “does not eat the bread of idleness.” (Proverbs 31:13, 17, 27).

I’ve got to GET BUSY!



3 responses

  1. Hi – I’ve so enjoyed your blogging. I can’t say that that would be something I would endeavor to begin, but I love reading yours and Laura’s.
    I hope you have a wonderful time with your daughters and family. Enjoy them to the utmost, for like you say, they will be gone in no time, about their own busy lives and the quiet will settle in anew.
    Love ya, dear sister and friend,


    • My dearest friend, whom I miss so much and love even more, thanks for reading my blog, Lori! I’m encouraged that you are enjoing it. I’m hopeful that someday we can take a trip back to Oregon to visit our wonderful friends there. Wouldn’t that be grand?


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