Blog Revived – New and Improved

New improved graphicMonday, 19 July 2010                                  

Seeing that the last time I wrote in this blog was back in the fall of 2007, evidently Mama either:

1.   hasn’t had much to say or

2.   hasn’t had time to say it.

I’ll go with the second because those of you that know me probably know I mostly do have something to say.

Honestly though, as I mature [read get older here], I have realized that I do say less.  I’ve been taking more time to listen to other people and that’s a good change.  But the best change I see in myself is that I am more cautious about what I say [read bite my tongue a lot here].

Maybe we do get wiser as we age after all?  Or maybe I’m finally allowing Jesus to be Lord of my tongue.  And mercy, it’s ABOUT time!

So back to why I am now writing in this blog deal again.  I started reading a friend’s recent blog and I find I enjoy and look forward to reading her words of wisdom and mirth.  And that has made me realize that I do miss writing.   It was once such a huge part of my life and it also was once my job.

Reading elsiephoebe’s blog encouraged me to write again, (thanks elsie!) but I didn’t want to go jump through all the hoops of researching blog spaces or actually starting a new blog, so hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s back to my old blog I go. (Editor’s note: I did decide to move all my old blog postings to this new site for me –

I can’t guarantee I will find time to write every day, but I will write when I have something worthwhile to say.  I hope.



2 responses

  1. really glad you came back to blogging. This is about the same day i joined the postaday2011 although i started blogging in feb or march…i filled in the days of 2011 to catch up with the postaday-ers. i love your blog…it is a joy


    • Thank you, Kate! My early blogging was sporadic and lacked direction I think, so when I started my new blog on WordPress in 2010, I decided to attempt to write as I was inspired. I’m glad you’re finding my words give you joy. That means a lot to me!


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