Anniversary Gratitude

Saturday, 01 October 2005

Wow, what could be better than this day??  Beautiful, sunshiny day, lovely temperature, all three children  (ok, young adults)  under my roof for the weekend, a lively and winning  soccer game under blue skies and warmth, AND our 28th — yes, you read that right!!— 28th wedding anniversary!  Happy Anniversary to hubby and me!

It really is hard to believe that 28 years ago today, we were young and crazy (22 & 


23) and walking down the aisle and saying “I do” for life!  Hubby was sweating buckets b

ecause he was so nervous and I was kinda sick in my stomach.  It rained like crazy on Oct 1, 1977 all morning long and then miraculously, the sun came out and it 

was a beautiful day.  We even were able to get our pictures taken in the waterfront 

park like we planned.  It was all so very romantic.  (big sigh!) We were young and thin and hubby had lots of hair.

So now, 28 years and a few pounds later, here we are, still together after three wonderful and delightful children and many moves around the country, including four years in the Southwest; one year apart when Big Daddy was stationed in the Far East; another year back in the Southwest;  then eight years in the Midwest; six years in the Pacific Northwest; and finally the last few years here.

Those 28 years flew by.  So much to be thankful for, it would take up too much room to list.  Let’s just say it loud and clear — GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME!!!!



So...what do you think? Tell me. I appreciate your feedback and read each comment. Thank you!

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