Girls – even older ones – just want to have fun

shadow-jump-girl-boots-615347.jpegThursday, 23 March 2006

Ya know, one day you’re 18  and can’t wait to graduate from high school, go to college and jump right into the “real” world. 

Then the next thing you know, you ARE thrown into the real world and get run over by a bus    — in other words, reality slaps you right upside the head!  But hey, you’re young, so you just pop right back up and get on with it.  And then all of a sudden, you’re 50 and you can’t pop right back up from ANYTHING! 

Yep, I’m feeling OLD today!  I’m not particularly fond of crawling out of bed and creeping along at the pace of a turtle because I am too stiff to move any faster.  I know, I know, I need to exercise more.  Yeah, yeah…right. 

 But honestly, why do some people who don’t exercise one bit seem to be able to run and jump and play even at the ripe ol’ age of 60-something or even 70-something?  My bones say no way, forget that running, jumping, skipping part.  Heck, my body doesn’t even want to go up the stairs! 

What’s up with that?  Every time I go up my stairs lately, my knee kind of wants to give out on me and I feel this weird weakness/pain/tightness in the back of my knee and leg.  So I did what everyone with a computer does, I googled knee and hip pain (cuz I think my problem is coming from my hip or possibly my back). 

Whatever you do, if you have a medical problem, DO NOT look it up on the internet!  Everything you read there just scares the living daylight out of you!  Now, I’m starting to feel like my hypochondriac daughter.    Sorry, punky!

So yeah, I’m getting old and I have the body to prove it.  And my son — MY BABY!!!!!  — will be graduating from high school and going away to college.  Waaahhhhh — poor mommy!

Okay, enough with the tales of woe. I think I’ve just realized that maybe I’m not going to have any fun anymore once my birdies fly out of the nest for good. 

See, my husband’s idea of fun would be reading a good book or going to a museum.    But my idea of fun is like my house is now, usually buzzing with activity, my kids’ friends come over, they have parties, there’s always some sporting event to go to or whatever. 

Like just last weekend, we went to my son’s senior all-stars basketball game.  The teams consisted of senior players from different high schools in our area.  It was really fun!!  Not only did I get to watch my son play on an awesome team for the first time in a looooooooong time (they won like 113-89 or something), but I also proudly watched as he accepted a hot-shot co-ed competition trophy for shooting the most baskets with a girl partner, AND I got to see a famous professional football coach in person.

Yep, a very famous head coach of the world champion football team….coach of the Super Bowl Champions…yeah, THAT guy.  

There he was just sitting on the bleachers just like a regular ol’ person, proud dad of his daughter, who was playing in the girls’ all-stars game.  And he stayed until half-time of the boys’ game following the girls.  So yeah, he stayed and watched my son play. 

Who woulda thunk it?  Famous football coach watching my son play basketball.

So when my birdies fly out of the nest, will there be any more opportunities for famous people to watch my kids play sports?  Nope! 

Will I see any more famous celebrities?  Nope! 

 Will my house be full of young and fun people? Nope!  

And I will be an old geezer walking along at a turtle’s pace or sitting in my rocker.  I protest!!! I still want to have fun!!                                                  


Comments (5)

Well, I think you’re probably gonna be stuck with me until I get married, so the fun times will continue for another couple of years, at least!!

And I agree that looking up symptoms online can be scary. I’m kinda convinced that I have a brain tumor, no thanks to Google.

3/24/2006  sunflower

You’re right. I know nothing about cars.

4/13/2006 sunflower

Over a month has passed… I hereby declare it Time For You To Update!

4/24/2006 10:21 PM  sunflower

Happy Birthday, Old Girl! 🙂

6/2/2006 sunflower

Look who’s talking, woman who never EVER updates her blog!!

10/31/2006 sunflower

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