I Have the Joy

pexels-photo-724825.jpegTuesday, 20 September, 2005

Thankfulness and joy continued! This is the continuing saga of Mama’s thankfulness journal.  So here goes – I am SO thankful for:

  • no more radiation treatments – yep, I am finished with them and oh, so glad.  I am also thankful I did not have any major side effects other than being really, really tired, but that I can cope with, so yay, thank you, Lord!
  • the love of my family – my family is the greatest in the world and I love them to pieces.  That includes my hubby, kiddos, daddy and my sisters, and not to forget — my family in Christ.
  • surprise packages that come by lil’ brown UPS trucks.  “What can brown do for you?” They can keep bringing me surprise packages like yesterday!
  • the most lovely and sweet co-workers.
  • being able to spend one on one time with my 86-year-old daddy, who never ceases to amaze me and make me laugh.
  • a new Bible study on love and respect – this one’s going to be awesome.
  • Dairy Queen chicken strip salads – tasty for lunch when you forgot to pack one!
  • Sports medicine doctors because hopefully, they are going to fix daughter’ #2’s aching head from her concussion – those dang soccer balls!
  • restful good nights of sleep, especially when there is nice cool air coming in the windows.
  • protection from the most dramatic wild stormy night last night – lightning and thunder practically knocking us all out of our beds!
  • getting back to normal, which for me is being goofy, crazy and happy, AND actually feeling cold sometimes!
  • not living in hurricane alley, or tornado alley, or earthquake land.  Been there, done that except for the hurricanes.
  • changes of season – I’m ready for fall because it is my favorite!
  • enough food to eat, clean water to drink, and a home to welcome people into — oh yes, AND a car that will get me up my snowy, drifted driveway in the winter time!

So WOW… so very much to be thankful for and yes, consider it all joy!

©2005 mamasemptynest.wordpress.com

Comments (3)

I’m thankful that you finally updated your blog. 🙂 You got a surprise package? That’s fun! Although I personally think Fedex is better! 😉 —sunflower

Ha, I’ll tell him to get right on that. But don’t they have a cute puppy on their delivery trucks? That more than makes up for not having a catchy slogan, I think. —sunflower

Their slogan is “The world on time.” I saw it on a FedEx truck this morning. —  sunflower


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