Back in the Nest

pexels-photo.jpgMonday, 01 August 2005

You know what makes me angry?   Young women, and men too for that matter, who don’t respect themselves, their bodies, or anyone else either.  You know what I’m talking about.

Being in the recovery mode gave me way too much time on my hands so I’ve been browsing the TV channels, and all I see is junk TV.  Reality TV…blah!  I would like to call it UN-Reality TV.

If you believed all this garbage, it would be depressing.  You would think that all young people in their late teens and 20’s only live to party, get drunk, and have sex, not necessarily in that order.  Please tell me this is not reality!  I’ll tell you what reality is going to be for these people…alcoholism, STDs, broken hearts, lives and souls.

OK, new subject.  There’s been a whirlwind of activity at my house, a flurry, busy as a beehive kind of stuff.  My oldest is moving back home! YAY!  I’m sure she is not totally thrilled, but I am.  I missed her.

Anyway, we’ve been painting and switching bedrooms  around.  There’s stuff everywhere!  Middle Daughter is getting her college stuff gathered up because it’s back to school for her soon.  Bud, the son, well, his room is always messy.

So here goes my thankfulness entry for today — I’m thankful for my three little chicks (well, one’s a rooster) because I love and adore them.  I’m thankful that one that flew the nest is coming back to roost for awhile.  I’m thankful that another one is so pleased as punch to be accepted into the nursing program at college and I’m very proud of her too.  She will make an awesome nurse!  And I’m thankful that Bud is growing up to be a young man of integrity.  I’m thrilled to still be here to see him go through his senior year.  Add JOY to my key words.

Thankfulness, peace and joy —



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