It’s Getting Hot In Here

pexels-photo-730750.jpegSaturday, 16 July 2005

The word for the day yesterday continues today – THANKFULNESS.

Ahhhhh – air conditioning.  That’s my thankful thought today.  It’s hot and muggy in July where I currently live.  And sticky and damp and very, very humid.  Not like Oregon where the summers can be warm in the daytime, cool or downright chilly at night with hardly any humidity at all.

I used to laugh at Oregonians who would complain,  “Wow, it’s SO humid today!”  HA!  They don’t even have a clue what humidity is! Their idea of a very humid day would be when we casually mention,  “Oh, it’s hardly humid at all today.”

Growing up here as a kid I didn’t seem to mind the heat and humidity, but now, yikes!  The ol’ body doesn’t like it. So, yay for air conditioning and electricity to run it.  Isn’t it amazing that I can just flip a switch and this very cool air just flows around my entire house?

Now it is nowhere nearly as refreshing as a good old common cool breeze from outside, but it will do nicely especially when I am very sticky.  So thank you God for air conditioning!

I’m really hoping for a nice cooling rain and a lovely summer breeze to push all the humidity somewhere else so I can open up all my windows again.  But I’ll be grateful for the air-conditioned reprieve.

And then I’ll be grateful again when the air becomes a little less humid and the temperature goes down.  That’s one of the things I like most about living where I do – different temperatures and a definite change of seasons.  Gosh, I even like snow!



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