Snow Falls in the Country

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Welcome to my world!

I’m updating my blog, with a font named Tunga because it looks like “tundra”  and that’s where I’m living – in the frozen tundra!

blogWinter Time 048So I’m home today cleaning out kitchen cabinets because we are socked in with major snow & ice.  Winter finally arrived over here a few weeks ago.  We didn’t have any snow at all until January, but since then it hasn’t let up!

Yesterday we had a major snowstorm which turned into ice storm overnight.  What fun we had at our house this morning!! NOT!

Explanation #1:  First you need to know that our driveway is long – like about 150 feet – and goes UPHILL from the house.

When my husband got home from work yesterday evening, he got stuck coming DOWN the driveway.  Not a good sign!  So he got out the heavy-duty snow blower we have — it’s monstrous and sounds monstrous too!  He blew the driveway open as best he could, then shoveled his car out and finally drove it down.

In the meantime, my oldest daughter arrived home, a normally 45 minute drive home took over two hours, but she couldn’t pull into the driveway because her dad was snow blowing the top of it.

blogDSCN0533Explanation #2:  When the plow truck goes by on our road, it throws all the snow into the entrance of our drive, so by this time, it was shut with snow AGAIN.  So Dad tells Punky “just keep on driving!”  Um…where was she supposed to keep on driving to in the snow storm??

Add to all of this, we live in an extremely windy area, so the snow is blowing & drifting even though we have snow fences up along the drive to “prevent” that.  You get the picture…it was crazy.

So oldest daughter finally finds somewhere on our badly snow-covered road to turn around, drives back and manages to get her car down the drive and into the garage.  Whew!  Everyone is safe and sound in the house; dinner is finally eaten at 8:30 p.m. and then we watch the news to see that the snow’s turning to ice.  We will have more snow on top of that by morning.  YEE-HAWWW!  Welcome to our world!

Husband arose well before dawn this morning to yet again use the snow blower to clear the driveway. There’s something not-so-soothing to be awakened before the sun is up by a roaring snow blower! Oldest daughter also arose early to leave for work knowing the traffic and the roads would be horrible.   Then alas, she can’t get her cute little new red Mazda 3 (Zoom-Zoom) up the driveway.  Just sits there and spins on the crunchy icy snow.

She backs her car down; I stick my head out into the cold and yell “Want to drive my car today?”

Explanation #3: I am the only one with a all-wheel drive vehicle, my Subaru (or my Scooby-Doo as I call it), which is the only car that likes to just purr up the snowy, icy driveway.

So we trade cars, and as predicted, my Scooby-Doo just walks right up the drive and HOORAY, Punky-girl is on her way!  In the meantime, Dad, in his little Honda Civic, is STUCK!  And I do mean STUCK in the driveway at the bottom!  Can’t move forward, can’t move backward and his car is simply ENCASED in solid ice!

Explanation #4:  We only have a two-car garage, so somebody’s car has to sit outside! Lucky Dad!

So he shovels, he blows snow.  He drags out the rock salt.  Still stuck….I get bundled up,  go outside to see if I can be of any help.  Not really.  Then he remembers he owns tire chains (which he used when winter driving in the mountains in Oregon) somewhere in the garage.   He searches, finds them, puts them on…they fall off…he spins….he gets out…he tightens the chains…they fall off again…he finally gets them tightened well…he makes it out of the place he was stuck and pulls his car into the garage to thaw out, confident that he will now make it out of the driveway.

He comes inside, warms up, showers, makes phone calls to his appointments he’s missing – not to worry, no one is there at either place.  No doubt, they’re snowed in too!

So Husband goes to leave….guess what?? He gets stuck again part-way up the driveway, even with chains on!  More spinning, more shoveling, and finally he gets up the driveway.  HOORAY!

Mom now thinks today is a good day for staying at home and cleaning out kitchen cabinets!  In the meantime, it is still snowing and snowing and snowing and SNOWING!!!!  So I imagine we will repeat the scene above yet again tonight when Husband and Punky-girl come home from work.

Oh, the joys of living here in the winter time!  The snow is beautiful, of course, and where we live – out in the country – it’s just a gorgeous sight, really.  But having to drive in it or even just getting up your driveway is enough to make your blood pressure sky-rocket!

So for today, I’m glad to be at home, where I’m warm and dry and can just sit at my window and watch the snow pile up higher and higher, praying for safety for everyone who has to go out in this wintry weather.

Whew, that was a long story.  Think I’ll go make a hot cup of tea and get back to the cabinets.

Oh…and by the way….Happy Valentine’s Day!



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