Attitude of Gratitude

pexels-photo-424517.jpegTuesday, 07 November 2006

 Some people I know (OK, only one!) like to inform me that I don’t update this blog regularly.  No kidding, since I haven’t written since March 2006.  But hey, I have a life!  That’s why I read everyone else’s blog….

Since there is way too much to tell to update this since March 2006, here’s the Reader’s Digest Condensed Version (some of you are way too young to even know what that means):

March, April, May – busy mom running to son’s track meets (where proud parents got to see son win 8th place finish at conference championships in 800 meter race!) and  watching same son in high school musical sing and dance in “Oklahoma”  (he did his Oklahoman relatives proud).

June – tearfully listening to son’s Valedictorian speech for high school graduation and I do mean tearfully (crying three times the day of his grad ceremony); going to many, many friends’ graduation parties; and hosting Bud’s party on the absolutely rainiest day of the year!!!  Can we say FLOODING?!!

July – spending a wonderful relaxing vacation with my family (all five of us!) in Williamsburg, VA and then at a Maryland beach.

Aug. – sending two of my babies off to college both in the same weekend  — more tears, but happy ones!

Sept, Oct. – attending many college soccer games at two different colleges.

And ta-da, now we are updated as it is now the merry month of November — month of Thanksgiving.  So, here’s my happy thought for November. Thanksgiving should be celebrated year round, not just one day in November.

I’ve been teaching a ladies’ Bible study at my church on contentment and one of the countless things I’ve learned is that we truly have much for which to be thankful.   It seems like we are such ungrateful people here in the United States where we possess an abundance of everything.

God mightily has blessed those of us who live here and yet all we do is complain we don’t have enough.  So think about it, consider what God has done for you and continues to do even though we do not deserve it.  Have an attitude of gratitude, not just for this time of year but every single day.

If you are reading this, I challenge you, whoever you are, to start a “gratitude journal” and each day, write in that journal five things you are grateful for.

I’ll start!

  1. My Savior Jesus Christ – without Him, I would be miserable & hopeless!
  2. My close-knit family
  3. I have a warm house to live in.
  4. I have plenty of food to eat.
  5. I live in the United States of America – land of opportunity & freedom.

Now you do it, it’s not hard!  Go….get started….begin your attitude of gratitude today!


Comments (2)

Thank you so much for your comment! that was very encouraging!

yes…i figured he might be coming home to see the stunning and witty females in his family. teehee

personally i think i’ll cry every night for the first couple weeks at college. i don’t even like going on vacation without my family. i was just in a rather despairing mood… rather like i am now seeing as we just lost the election! but everything will be ok…

11/7/2006 stilllives

I’m grateful that you finally updated your blog!!!

11/9/2006 sunflower


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