Uplifting Updates

mountains-nature-sky-sunny.jpgTuesday, 07 February 2006

OK, OK I am updating!

I realize I am way, way behind in posting on this thing.  So here’s the short version:


  • too many trips to doctors & dentists for 3 of us! Holy cow, once you pass the big 5-0, your body and your teeth fall apart –  the good news is my kids are healed and ready to go back to sports.
  • Bud gets acceptance letter from his #1 choice of colleges (hard-to-get-into college).
  • Christmas — good, fun, too much food, too many presents, lots of family time, but most importantly the birthday of our King, Jesus Christ!


  • quiet New Year’s Eve – no resolutions because I just break them anyway!
  • more doctors, more dentists, but normal test results for me – yay! another injury for Bud –  boo!
  • basketball, basketball, basketball – the agony of defeat – when will this sport be over???


  • black and gold everywhere – Pittsburgh’s not TOO excited that the Steelers are going to the Super Bowl!

There you have it.  I’m updated!

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About time! 😉 The Polulalu or however you spell it Song is still stuck in my head, too. And, no, I didn’t make the cake… I bought it at the grocery store by his apartment. 🙂 — sunflower

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