Beginning the Blog

Saturday, 09 July 2005

OK, what’s the point of having one of these thingymabloggers if you don’t write in it? So….let’s see…what to write about?  Hmmmm…..I am having pizza tonight for dinner.  M’s Pizza…yummy.  Be jealous all of you who have eaten M’s pizza and aren’t having any for dinner tonight. That means you punky girl.

Well, now…I think I will take a poll.  If you are subscribing to this crazy thing, (why I don’t know b/c I never write in it) you have to answer this question.  Should I write things that are light-hearted and try to be funny or should I really express myself?  Your call, dear readers, whoever you are.


Comments (2)

How about both? ~ sunflower

I agree with punky girl.  Feel free to mix it up a little bit. ~Anonymous


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