Hello world!

Hello world is right!  I’ve just spent more time than I care to confess trying to figure out this blog space.  Talk about frustration!  Grrr…

So welcome to my world…hopefully…if I can figure out how to navigate in this.  I previously blogged on another site (which shall remain nameless), but haven’t written on there for quite some time —let’s just say it was very neglected.

However, I recently revived that blog, but also noticed that the site advertises a lot of blogs that had questionable content.  To put it mildly, they offended me.   Plus it wasn’t easy for my friends to read my blog on the other site, unless they joined it.  So blah…time to move on.

I’d really like to rescue my previous blog entries from the other site and post them here.   So if I can get my brain wrapped around this new one, that may happen.  Stay tuned, it should be interesting.  If you hear a lot of frustrated yelling and screaming (I am not a computer whiz), don’t worry, it’s just me!

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So...what do you think? Tell me. I appreciate your feedback and read each comment. Thank you!

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